Incorporation of highest productivity and top yarn quality.

The 4-end BCF machine MO40 combines highest productivity and top yarn quality. Prominent features are an optimized yarn path, proven components and reliable processes.

M30 for BCF

Completing the BCF machine program

The M30 completes the symTTex product family of 2-end and 4-end carpet yarn machines. The 3-end M30 offers optimal value creation for numerous raw materials and end products.

R-PET carpet yarns

High-quality BCF yarns are produced from recycled polyester bottles

Trützschler Man-Made Fibers and EREMA – Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen Ges.m.b.H. – jointly offer a compact inline solution for the processing and spinning of recycled polyester.

EREMA is responsible for the VACUREMA reactor, the single screw extruder and the polymer filter. The first-class polymer melt with high IV value serves directly Trützschler spinning and the downstream components. The results are highly uniform BCF yarns.


Extraordinary carpets with ecoFLEX technology

In addition to the conventional tri-colour process, Trützschler Man-Made Fibers offers two additional processes for the production of yarns with the greatest variety of colour effects. The colour design of the finished carpets ranges from subdued melange shades to vivid sprinkles.

FLEX is a patented technology based on the innovative arrangement of texturing and intermingling jets.

The newly developed ecoFLEX is also based on the FLEX technology, featuring particularly easy handling.

Filament Technical Center

Being confident before investing

For customers who want to experience our competence in actual practice, we offer a very special opportunity: a visit to our technical centre in Winterthur and direct interaction with our filament experts on site.

With spinning positions for carpet yarns (BCF) and technical yarns it is possible to implement new product ideas while simultaneously evaluating the entire process chain from polymer to filament package. The technical centre offers the assurance that new investments meet current as well as future market requirements.

The development of new products in the nonwovens area is also supported by complete nonwovens lines in Egelsbach and Dülmen.