HPc texturing

For textured BCF yarns with high yarn volume

The lamellaless HPc texturing unit is one of the most sophisticated components of all symTTex systems. Placed in a straight yarn path between the second godet duo and the cooling drum, the texturing jets form a homogeneous, compact fibre plug.

HPc allows the production of yarn with unique crimp characteristics, thus requiring less material for the carpet structure. The optimum cooling drum diameter guarantees excellent crimp setting.

DSR godets

More than 26,000 DSR godets are in operation worldwide

The DSR family of double-shell godets demonstrates high performance standards. The product range offers a wide spectrum of draw forces and working widths to meet the most demanding requirements of today’s highly specialised manufacturing processes for tyre cord, technical yarns and BCF.

The heated DSR godets are highly efficient and convince with the precision of their temperature profile.

The FW winder family

Robustness, ergonomic design and best package qualities

The fully automatic FW winder type is a perfected product; since its market introduction, several hundred units prove themselves daily in BCF and technical yarn systems.

Its three most important features are:

  • Retractable package carriage that greatly facilitates the work of the operating personnel.
  • Step precision winding is responsible for the good package structure, thus ensuring increased productivity in downstream processing.
  • Due the high change reliability, symTTex machines generate only minimum waste. FW winders function equally smooth with reused bobbins as well as new material.